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  • Tanzania Mwanza Airport reconstruction and expansion project has completed handover

    Recently, BCEG has completed the handover of Tanzania Mwanza Airport reconstruction and expansion project. It is located in Mwanza, which is the second largest city in Tanzania. The owner of the project is Tanzania Airport Authority. Before upgrading, the original runway length of Mwanza airport was 3300 meters, the apron area was 67000 square meters, and the original terminal area was less than 800 square meters.


    After the reconstruction, the runway length is 500 meters longer than before. And it has built 27900 square meters' freight apron and taxiway, 10000 square meters' passenger apron, 10200 square meters' passenger terminal, 1400 square meters' freight terminal, control tower, power room, river diversion and flight area navigation light system and apron light system, as well as water supply and drainage system in the new site area.


    BCEG has participated in the construction of six airport projects in Tanzania, which accumulates rich professional and technical personnel, and project management experience. These resources can better contribute to the local infrastructure construction of Tanzania. 


    来源: 发布日期:2020-03-20