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  • BCEG won the bid of the first project in Myanmar

    BCEG won the bid of Myanmar`s China-aid National Theater Refurbishment Project on 8th of March 2019 and the total contract amount of the project is approximately 153million RMB. It is our first project in Myanmar which will help penetrate into the southeast Asian market.
    The National Theater Refurbishment Project is located in Yangon and is an important cultural performance place. The project is planned to undertake the maintenance and reconstruction on the basis of existing structure of the theater. It plans to take 24 months to complete the project. After completing it, Burmese are able to better experience Myanmar`s culture and have cultural communication with other countries in here. 
    The construction of theater is aid by Chinese government between March 1988 and June 1990. Many cultural communication activities and performance are held in the theater during its operation. This plays a significant role in promoting good friendship between the two countries. 

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