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  • Ms. Analisa Low, Ambassador of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to China, and Her Delegation Visited BCEG

    On January 11, 2022, Mr. Zeng Peng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Construction Engineering Group International (BCEGI), and Mr. Gao Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of BCEGI, met with Ms. Analisa Low, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to China, and held a meeting at the headquarters of BCEG. Relevant personnel of BCEGI accompanied the meeting.


    Ambassador Analisa Low visited many of the BCEG's intelligent construction achievements, major projects and key projects that were unveiled at the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS). Gao Qiang gave a detailed introduction to the Riverside Landmark project in Bangkok, Thailand, and the renovation and rebuilding project of the Worker’s Stadium in Beijing. After that, the ambassador and her delegation visited the exhibition hall of BCEG to learn about the brilliant achievements made by BCEG over the past 60 years and highly appreciated the achievements of BCEG in the field of engineering and construction. Later, the two sides had a friendly and in-depth discussion and exchange.

    Ambassador Analisa Low thanked for the great efforts and hard work made by BCEG in the process of construction and investment of the Phoenix Industrial Park project in Trinidad and Tobago. She said that Trinidad and Tobago is the first English-speaking Caribbean country to sign a memorandum of understanding with China on "the Belt and Road" cooperation, and the comprehensive partnership between China & Trinidad and Tobago has always maintained a good momentum of development. The Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago in China is willing to continue to work together with BCEG to ensure the successful completion of the Phoenix Industrial Park project in Trinidad and Tobago and promote the investment work of the park to a new level. She expected that BCEG can participate in the construction of more infrastructure projects in Trinidad and Tobago and even in the Caribbean to achieve more fruitful results of " the Belt and Road" cooperation.

    The leaders of BCEG thanked the Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago in China for its great support in the process of promotion and investment of the Phoenix Industrial Park project in Trinidad and Tobago. The Phoenix Industrial Park Project is a demonstration project of the “Belt and Road” cooperation between the two governments, which created a brand-new cooperation model. Zeng Peng said that BCEG is looking forward to applying the cooperation model of Phoenix Industrial Park to more projects, to better promote the social and economic development of Trinidad and Tobago, and to contribute to the new friendship of China-Trinidad and Tobago.

    At present, the Phoenix Industrial Park Project in Trinidad and Tobago is carrying out the construction battle of "promoting progress and ensuring completion" and a series of training on engineering technology and quality to ensure the construction progress and quality by focusing on construction production with one hand and improving skills with the other. Overcoming the difficulties of rainy season construction and epidemic prevention and control, all the builders are pushing forward the construction of the project with full enthusiasm, striving for the goal of "Phoenix chirping in Latin America, creating brilliance together".

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