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  • Several projects of BCEGI were successfully completed

    At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, several projects of BCEGI were successfully completed.

    China-aided Low-income Housing Phase II Project in Grenada Completed

    On December 28, the second phase of China-aided project of low-income housing in Grenada successfully passed the completion acceptance. The project is located in Grenada, a Caribbean island country, in five plots, namely St. George, St. David, St. Patrick, St. Mark and Carriacou, with a total of 647 housing units, five property houses and supporting works (including outdoor roads, parking areas, outdoor activity areas, outdoor pipe networks and other outdoor works). The building structure is brick and concrete, with a total construction area of about 30,400 square meters, seismic intensity of 8 degrees, fire resistance level 2, and a design service life of 50 years.

    The China-aided low-income housing project in Grenada has helped the Grenadian government solve the most urgent housing and livelihood problems, provided comfortable living space for the local people, which will greatly improve people's quality of life, promote community construction, drive economic development, and set a good example of modern urban life for Grenada.

    Air Force Base Housing Project of the Ministry of Defense in Saudi Arabia

    Recently, the housing project of the Air Force Base of the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia was successfully completed. Li Chuanhui, General Manager of Saudi Arabia Branch, handed over the key to the client on behalf of BCEG. The project includes 12 five-story apartment buildings, 5 two-story apartment buildings, 1 mosque with a capacity of 400 people, 1 EPC water purification treatment plant, 1 sewage treatment plant, 1 deep well and supporting municipal infrastructure, with a construction area of 87,000 square meters.

    The successful completion of the project is the result of the company's strategic transformation, quality and efficiency improvement and the implementation of refined management. It is also the result of the project team's day and night struggle to overcome the changing situation and the impact of the global epidemic, which not only maintains the brand benefits of BCEG, but also establishes a good reputation and trust relationship with the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defense system, laying a solid foundation for the cooperation of follow-up projects between the two sides.

    NexOne Office Building Project in Mauritius

    Recently, NexOne office building project in Mauritius was successfully completed. The project is located in Cyber City area of Mauritius, with a building area of 14,000 square meters. It is mainly concrete frame structure, including underground parking, 7-story office building, separate technical service area and gatehouse, etc. The construction period is 12 months.

    Computer City NEXSKY Office Building Project in Mauritius

    Computer City NEXSKY office building project in Mauritius consists of the construction of an 18-story commercial building (including an underground parking lot) and other basic supporting facilities such as outdoor engineering, with a total construction area of 39,911 square meters, including surrounding ancillary structures and generator rooms, etc. The structural form is frame-shear wall structure.

    The RoseBell Infrastructure Project

    The project is located in RoseBell area in the south of Mauritius, includes the construction of 6.5km of 7m wide asphalt roads with concrete pedestrian walkways on each side, drainage ditches and road ancillary facilities along both sides of the road, 6.5km of DI pipe laying, 0.3km of telecom pipe laying, and 1.1km of electricity pipe laying and so on.

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